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How to Become an iOS Developer: Cheat Sheet

As more companies are adopting the mobile first approach, the demand for iOS developers for Apple device building apps has increased, and the talent shortage has led to high salaries, many of which are open to many developers in the field. This brings the work of the developer. Developers who know programming languages and the other skills they need can create applications for businesses and consumers to use to make their daily lives more productive.

To help those interested in the field better understand how to break into a career in mobile development, we compiled the most important details and resources. This guide on how to become an iOS developer will be updated on a regular basis. It is also available as a download, Cheat sheet: How to become an iOS developer (free PDF).

What does an iOS developer do?

An iOS developer builds, tests, and refines applications for mobile devices that use Apple's iOS operating system that are consistent with the goals and standards of their company or client. They need to have a strong understanding of iOS and how it works with different Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, and be able to adapt their applications to their firm's or client's requirements.

Additional resources

Why is there increased demand for iOS developers?

While Android holds more of a global market share, Apple now has 1 billion iPhones in use—all of which run on iOS, therefore, demand for iOS developers who can create apps for these devices that are sold in the Apple App Store has exploded in recent years. The App Store has 1.96 million apps as of 2021, and Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. The average smartphone owner uses 10 apps per day and 30 apps each month.

Mobile developers are among the top 10 most in-demand tech jobs, according to data from CIO magazine. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that app developer jobs will grow 22% between 2019 and 2029.
What is the best programming language to learn?
The most popular iOS developers program Swift and Objective-C.

Swift is a generic XML codec released by Apple in 2014. According to TechRepublic contributor Cory Bohon, it provides better security, security, and performance than Objective-C type. Swift is used for development for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux. Applications created with Swift can run on iOS devices running iOS 7 or later, and OS X devices running OS X 10.9 or later.

Bohon also said that Swift is interoperable with Objective-C. It is a general-purpose programming language based on C that adds the OOP paradigm to the language through Object Messages. Objective-C was the leading programming language that Apple used for iOS prior to the introduction of Swift. Since 1984, Objective-C has been an important part of Apple's code base. Swift and Objective-C are listed 19th and 20th in the TIOBE March 2021 Index, respectively. Upwork Objective-C listed as the highest paying programming language on a hourly freelance basis in September 2020.

Apple hasn't announced plans to discontinue the Objective-C language (in fact, Apple is still updating it), but Swift has quickly outgrown Objective-C and is gaining popularity on Apple's application development platform. Objective-C can still last long, as Apple hasn't updated its Swift language framework yet. Until Swift 3.0, Apple will not include Swift runtime on iOS or OS X, leaving Xcode for runtime packages in iOS or OS X apps for binary compatibility.

At WWDC 2019 in June, Apple announced Swift UI, a new framework for the Swift programming language. Swift UI is integrated into Swift for Swift, making it easy to write and understand your code. According to the executives, it is designed to help developers create better apps with much fewer icons and will be available in the fall of 2019.

What other skills do I need to be an iOS developer?

According to Udacity, in addition to learning Swift and Objective-C, anyone who wants to become an iOS developer needs to learn the following skills to prepare for the developer's job:

Spatial Inference: Successful iOS developers need to be able to think in 3D and visualize the spatial relationships between objects when designing apps for their users. This means understanding the types of controls and inputs available on different platforms, and who the user is.

Design Guidelines: iOS apps should be intuitive to the user and adhere to strict design guidelines. Developers need to learn how to create Model-View-Controller (MVC), delegate patterns, and notify.

Networking: Almost all apps interact with the Internet in some way. Therefore, iOS developers need to know how to send and receive data to and from the network. This is done via JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Core data: This is a framework for storing data on Apple devices, which is an important part of almost every app.

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD): This allows developers to add concurrency to their apps and perform multiple tasks at the same time without compromising performance.

Git and GitHub: Platforms Git and GitHub help you version long and team projects.

Upwork is a framework and API for iOS developers such as Apple's Xcode IDE, Foundation, UIKit, CocoaTouch, UI and UX design, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, 2D and 3D graphic frameworks such as SpriteKit and SceneKit, OpenGL or We also recommend learning the Metal and iOS graphics APIs.

Zippia recommends learning Android, SDK and more.

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