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5 Steps to Become an iOS Developer

The most rewarding things in life aren't easy, but being an iOS developer can guarantee that it's worth the effort.

Over the years, I've been very fortunate to be able to advance my career as an iOS developer. I have seen my income and career grow beyond my dreams. Having done a lot of work, I was able to travel to the United States and abroad. We also created an impressive network of friends and colleagues. It was a blast!

Like all excursions, I had to start somewhere. All I knew in 2010 was that the mobile industry was great. I wanted to be part of that. The idea of ​​becoming a programmer was far from realistic, and my understanding of software was magic rather than logical.

At the beginning of my evolutionary journey in August 2011, I attended Fullsail University. Fullsail University is a newly-acquired bachelor's degree specializing in mobile device development. The program was by no means easy and at some point during the trip I even felt hopeless. But a few years later, I graduated in 2014 and got my first iOS development job. Since then, he has moved into various careers, working on several well-known apps and being promoted to the top level as a developer.

Given all my experience, I always wanted to share my thoughts on my journey with others. It would be very rewarding if I could help someone move their lives forward after the current challenge and show them the way to become an iOS developer.

And here, look back and discover the "secrets" of becoming an iOS developer! (Beware of spoilers! There is no real secret. You just work hard and know the right resources.)

1. Maintain a growth mindset

It's hard to learn coding. You have a hard time and can even disappear completely. Personally, I felt nervous and struggling to go to school. Literally, the programming concept was so strange to me that I would like to hit my head against the wall. The way to overcome this conflict is to always maintain the idea of ​​growth.

What is the idea of ​​growth?

"In the mindset of growth, people believe that their core functions can be developed through dedication and effort. Brains and talents are just the starting point. This outlook is a love for learning and resilience that is essential for great results. ”(Dweck, 2015)

This is in contrast to the fixed idea.

"In a fixed way of thinking, people believe that basic qualities such as intellect and talent are simply fixed traits. They decide to document rather than develop intellect and talent. I'm spending time, and I believe that only talent will succeed-without effort. "(Dweck, 2015)

We promise to maintain the idea of ​​growth throughout your journey and become an iOS developer.

2. Language learning: Swift

Needless to say, you can't become an iOS developer without learning the programming languages ​​needed to develop iOS applications.

Swift is a great language released by Apple in late 2014. Their goal was to create a more modern programming language (as opposed to Objective-C, which was developed in the early 1980s). The emphasis was also on ease of use and how to make Swift code easier to understand and write for new developers. Great news for anyone who wants to learn Swift!

A quick Google search will find a number of places you can go to get to know Swift. Please be absorbed in it. However, if you need some suggestions, we recommend the following:

Paul, the author of 100 Days of Swift-hackingwithswift.com, has created some great free and paid resources to learn about Swift and other aspects of iOS development.
Learn Fast Programming Expressions-Udacity has some great free resources to spice up your new developer journey.

Quick Apprentice-raywenderlich.com has some great resources. Swift Apprentice is a great book for anyone who likes to learn old-fashioned methods :).

3. Learning tool: Xcode

Xcode is the primary tool used when building iOS apps. From coding, testing, automation and release of your app, this tool does it all. There are many other tools that you will learn to use over time, but this comes first.

Xcode-Apple's web page dedicated to the basics of Xcode. This web page contains enough information to keep you busy for a while.

4. Learn where to learn

I decided to get a degree in mobile development, but first say it's completely unnecessary. The web is full of great resources of all kinds. If you keep this growth mindset, you can succeed with these online resources alone.

There are several ways to absorb all the information you need to learn, such as blogs, educational videos, books, seminars, local social gatherings, and WWDC live broadcasts. We recommend some of the best places to get started, but I'm sure your tastes will grow over time.

Medium-iOS Development-The perfect place for all kinds of iOS devices

ft.com-A great place to learn basic iOS development techniques and advanced iOS development techniques.
www.raywenderlich.com-Another great place to learn the basics or advanced techniques you need to be a great developer.

Quora-iOS App Development-A great place to see what the community is talking about.

5. Portfolio development

If you decide not to get a computer science degree or some kind of introductory camp, the first thing you can do to improve your understanding and fluency in iOS development is to create a portfolio. You can have your own code, base app, or both settings.

Github.com-It's easy to see that Github is very important to developers. When you start development, you will create a Github account and start saving your code on this website. Think of this as a code portfolio. Other employers have linked Github to CVs and demanded that they taste the coding style. Many new developers hesitate to share code, but it's important to understand that code sharing is an important part of being a developer and you'll get used to it. This is how you get feedback and become a better developer

Building Applications-Build several applications as you go through the learning process. This happens naturally when you are following all the tutorials on the internet. In addition to following the tutorial, we encourage you to find an app that is really fun to build and release on the App Store. Creating an app is important, but it's also important to go through the complete release process of an iOS app. I can't think of any interviews that haven't been asked about the steps required to release an app to the App Store, as it includes published apps as well as coding.

When I got my first job, I was creating almost 3-4 apps published on the App Store. I was lucky to be able to earn $ 10 a month from these apps, but that wasn't my goal. The purpose of the application was to create a portfolio that future employers could review as part of the interview screening process. As of today, all of these apps have served a specific purpose and are no longer in the App Store ... starting my career. Instead, I now have some well-known apps from the company I've worked with, with millions of users. This is a great wallet!

During your journey to become an iOS developer, you'll definitely come across other steps, tools, languages, and experiences that complement your experience, but these five steps should be a great start to your journey.


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