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Top 10 Cat Shelves and Wall Perches | Spoil Your Feline Friend Today!

 10. CatastrophiCreations Cat Dining Table

One of the few cat shelves I’ve seen with an actual food dish built right into; and 2 of them at that! This is great if you have other pets or children that are prone to making a mess out of your cat’s dining area. Aside from that, it’s incredibly neat to be able to see your pet go up high to his/her own exclusive hideaway for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Admittedly, you could probably buy a couple of small plates and have the same effect with other cat wall shelves and perches, but that would be prone to spillage and nobody wants that. Plus… no more bending down to refill the cat food every day. Big win!

Price: $77

Variations: Charcoal/Oynx or English Chestnut

My Input: $77 for a single cat shelf is a little high; as it is essentially for a wood slab with 2 holes in it. The 2 built-in food trays is very alluring and offsets that price shock, but I have to be honest… that $77 tag puts me off (probably more than it should to be honest). If it weren’t for the built in trays, my recommendation might be a no. I personally like it just for the ability to get my cat’s food dishes off the floor and not having to bend down anymore to refill them daily.

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 9. The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree

Pretty simply cat shelf. Comes in a set of 2; one of which has a cave like hideaway with a door hole. The other allows for some decoration items; books, plants, etc. Both cat perches have a carpet landing pad for resting.

Price: $99.

Color Variations: Black or White

My Input: Pretty stylish cat shelves I must say. Many cat wall shelves and perches can look out of place; or even too obvious. These blend in as simple decorations. If that’s a big selling point for you, then these are a must have. Beyond that though, these are pretty basic. Not thrilled about the selling price at $100, but at least you get to of them. Also, they are tested for 25lbs. Plump kitties are out of luck!

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8. Trixie Wall-Mounted Cat Lounging Set

One of my favorites. It’s a 4 piece set. 2 steps, a cave and a hammock. Covered with a nice soft plush material and sisal scratching surfaces in all the right places. It’s an entire cat shelf kit in-one, and for the price, it’s a steal! Looks great too!

Price: $45

No variations.

My Input: I love the coloring. It’s soft. Good scratching services. And 4 pieces (rather than 1). All for $45. Budget wise, this is an absolute winner! There have been some complaints about the screws included. Some people have a bad experience with them and they break off during installation.

You may want to invest in your own screws for a more sturdy installation and hassle free installation. Just a suggestion. But, I didn’t have a problem installing mine. They might have switched to a cheaper set of screws after I got it.

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7. The CatastrophiCreations Handcrafted Cat Wall Post


I’ve already done a more in-depth review on the CatastrophiCreations Handcrafted Cat Wall Post, and you can read it by clicking on the link.

As far as functional cat wall perches go, it hits all the right notes. Incredibly easy to install, remarkably sturdy, made of sisal rope, and acts as a perfect step for your cat to reach his/her larger cat wall shelves nearby.

Price: $45

No variations.

My Input: It’s function over form with this sisal rope post. Nothing flashy or stylish about it. It’s a sisal rope post, period. These aren’t cat perches themselves, merely steps that allow your cat to climb and explore, and inevitably reach their relaxation or hangout zone. If you are seeking to add another level of shelves in a different location — be it on another wall, or higher up on the same wall — and need a way for your cat to reach this level, this is your go-to cat wall post. No doubt about it.

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6. The Original KITTY COT

This is another cat wall perch I’ve done a more thoroughly review on. You can read the Original Kitty Cot Review, by clicking that link. I’m sure there are some that might give a quizzical look at the addition of the kitty cot to this list about the 10 best cat perches and wall shelves. It is after all, a WINDOW perch and not wall perch. But you know what? I don’t care. This is MY list and the Original Kitty Cot has earned a place as being one of the best cat perches around — be it on the wall or the window!

Price: $45

My Input: I’m a huge fan of this cat perch, and not just because it’s $45. It’s so incredibly easy to install and no tools are required. Goes up with minimal effort and can be taken down just as easily. My cat Dredd loves to hang out on his cot for hours and hours, just staring into the backyard, mesmerized by everything going on. It’s like watching him watch a movie; he’s just completely zoned out.

One of the best cat perches I’ve ever bought. I would say he uses the Kitty Cot the most for his relaxation time. Probably because of the window and the wildlife channel out back; I get birds, deer, squirrels, foxes, and whatever else you can imagine running around back there.

>>Click Me For More Details and Reviews About The Original Kitty Cot<<<

5. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace & Activity Center

I like this one a lot. It’s very cool looking and is an awesome playground for your cat. It’s got a ladder, hammock, a sisal rope hole right in the middle there. It’s just incredibly cool looking and lots of fun for a cat, or multiple cats. Hammock is rated at 65lbs and the shelves are 85 lbs. They are as sturdy as you can get for a cat shelf. Fat cats rejoice! >>>Click Me For More Details and Reviews About The Cat Dining Table<<<

Price: $179 (Woah!)

Variations: Charcoal/Oynx or English Chestnut

My Input: It looks amazing and it’s a whole lot of fun for any cat, but that’s some big cash for a cat perch. It’s handcrafted and quite gorgeous for a cat wall shelf, so I can understand it being a bit more expensive. It’s high cost for high quality. I’ll leave the decision in your hands as usual.

>>Click Me For More Details and Reviews About The Cat Dining Table<<<

4. CatastrophiCreations Fabric Cat Maze

Same company that makes the one above, and just like the cat shelf above, this is great too. This forgoes the step ladder for 3 hammocks with a sisal rope hole and much more space on the top portion. Incredibly sturdy and a fantastic play area for your feline pals.

Price: $199 (Woah!)

Variations: Charcoal/Oynx or English Chestnut

My Input: This one is no better than the ranked 5 cat wall shelf. They’re both great and they are essentially ranked the same. They are expensive, but they are top shelf quality (pun intended!). It really depends on your preference: do you like the rope ladder OR more hammocks with a larger surface area up top? No matter which one you chose, you are your cat(s) are going to be thrilled. Personally, if I was forced to choose one, I’d go with….. I don’t know!!!!! They both look so cool!!!!

>>>Click Me For More Details and Reviews About The Fabric Cat Maze<<<

3. Pet Haus Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch

This is another wall mounted cat perch that I’ve already done a more extensive review on. You can find that review here, The Pet Haus Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch. Another favorite of mine mainly because it looks so stylish WITHOUT losing it’s functionality. At a glance, it looks like modern art decoration, but with a closer look, you’ll see an incredibly designed cat wall shelf with felt padding and plenty of space for exploring kitties.

Price: $125

No Variations

My Input: There are some cat shelves and wall perches that are really really obvious. They stand out in a big way to the naked eye and sometimes they look a bit, for lack of a better word, tacky. *Cough* Sisal Rope Posts *Cough*

These shelves do not fit that descriptive. They are entirely deceptive to the naked eye and you wouldn’t know it’s a cat shelf until you actually saw a cat on top of it. It’s the perfect shelf for cat lovers that don’t want to turn their homes into a sprawling kitty jungle gym, yet still wish to provide some way for their cats to climb to their hearts content; OR at the very least, just provide an elevated perch (which is a must for every cat owner).

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2. The Refined Feline Cat Cloud

As I came to this cat shelf, I literally just asked myself why is this ranked number 2? There are a lot of great cat shelves and wall perches on this list and they are truly the best of the best, but why is the Refined Feline Cat Cloud rank 2.

I could tell you some deep, insightful reason, but that would be a lie. To be honest, it was just one of the first cat shelves I ever purchased online and installed. I was over the moon for it. It was the first cat perch my little Dredd ever used. I suppose I have a special attachment to it, now that I think about. Other than that, it’s not inherently special — just a nicely designed cat perch with 2 platforms. Both platforms have a removable magnetic pad covered in very soft, faux sheepskin fabric.

Price: $100

Variations: Left Facing or Right Facing.

My Input: I suggest reading my review by clicking the link above. I admit it’s is a little heavy handed but that is only because it was the first review I ever wrote about cat wall shelves; but it’s accurate nonetheless. Simply put, it’s one of the best cat wall shelves for the price.

And no, the refined cat cloud probably shouldn’t be number 2. I just now looked back at the Fabric Cat Maze and the Deluxe Catplay Place, and I immediately think they both deserve a higher rank than the refined cat cloud. But you know what? There is no real rhyme or reason to this list. It’s the 10 best cat shelves on the market. The order they are in really doesn’t matter. (Except for number 1, I stand by that pick. It deserves to be number 1. The picture is right below, tell me that doesn’t look amazing!)

>>>Click Me For More Details and Reviews About The Refined Feline Cat Cloud<<<

1. CatastrophiCreations Sky Track Climbing Activity Center

You might have noticed the name “CatastrophiCreations” by now, considering this is the 4th or 5th product with the name in the title. I can only say they make some of the best cat wall shelves and perches on the market today; so naturally, they’re going to have a few products that hit my top 10 list. The fact that they also have the #1 ranked cat shelf too… well, that just goes to show they are in it to win it. (Come to think of it, I should probably hit them up and see if they want to advertise on my site!)

Anyways, this one is a real masterpiece. It has 4 levels, a giant sisal rope column for climbing, and every level has a hammock, with another massive hammock at the top. Make no mistake, this is one of the ELITE cat wall shelves. The cream of the crop. The only reason I don’t have one yet (soon, I’ll be buying it soon!) is because of the price. You’ll know why in a moment, lol.

Price: $348 (Holy Mother!)

Variations: Charcoal/Oynx or English Chestnut

My Input: This is number 1 for a reason. Look at it. I mean really look at. It’s freakin amazing! It’s the best cat shelf there is. Craftsmanship like no other. Beautifully made, amazing sturdy, the absolute perfect playground for a cat or cats (be they fat or thin), and it has a giant sisal rope column for those gladiator type cats that like to push themselves to the limit! It’s INCREDIBLE.

I don’t own one yet (I keep asking myself why not!), but I’ve seen one up close and let me tell you… it’s even more glorious in person! This is the end all, be all cat wall shelf. The cat shelf to end all cat shelves. The money I’ve spent on cat shelves and perches easily surpasses the cost of this one. However, those purchases were spread over months and months. This is all at one time, and it’s $348. Not exactly cheap (for me at least). My entirely irrelevant stinginess aside (seriously, why am I telling you about my cheapness? That’s just weird of me!), if you’ve got the cash and want the absolute best cat shelf for your cat; this is absolutely what you need.

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