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Fall Home Tour Blog Hop ...

Happy September!  

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I'm excited to be joining 11 amazing ladies as we share parts of our home ready to greet the new season!

If you're joining me from Lindsay's home (at Arataria Home), thank you so much for stopping by!  Isn't Lindsay's Autumn dining room simply gorgeous?  She is so talented!

Welcome to our Fall kitchen!

**For those viewing this post on their smartphone/tablet/ipad, the images may appear a bit grainy; however, if you tap on a photo, they will enlarge and appear much clearer.**

This year, I challenged myself to avoid the "shopping temptation" and use things I had on hand to decorate our kitchen for Fall.  So, I raided my cabinets/bins ... pulled out our copper pieces, along with a few other goodies ... and got busy! 

I absolutely love copper, especially this time of year!  There's just something about it that reminds me that sweater weather is on the way!  On our kitchen island, I grouped this pretty hammered copper pitcher with faux Fall stems, Mr. Roo and simple white pumpkins.

Then, I pulled out a few green leaf plates and placed them on our shelves ...  

 and our wall rack.  I'm loving the copper, green and white together!

And what a fun surprise that I completely forgot I nabbed these copper measuring cups last year after the season (love when that happens)!  I knew as soon as I spotted them that they'd be perfect in our glass canisters!  

These cute white ceramic pumpkins are from Target's Dollar Spot (last year) ... isn't it nice that Fall decorating doesn't have to break the bank?!

In fact, how easy is it to hang a dish towel (with seasonal color) on a hook and call it "done!"

Over by our coffee area, I grabbed another hammered cup I had on hand and plopped some spoons in it.  I love the bright reflections on the copper.

Lastly, for anyone who has seen my Fall decorating in years past, you'll know that our Fall family tree is a staple.

It's when I decorate a tree with Fall ornaments, family pics and familial sayings.

I like being *surrounded* by family ... especially this time of year!

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed our simple Fall kitchen!  

I truly appreciate your visit, and hope you'll stop back by in the days ahead as I share more of our Fall home!

The next stop on our Fall Tour Blog Hop is the beautiful and talented Sarah (Dreaming of Homemaking). Just wait until you see how she decked out their camper for Fall ... so inspiring!

And to visit all of the tours ...

Have a great day!


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