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Our 2017 Summer Home Tour, Part 1 ...

Hey, friends!

My gosh, it's been *way* too long since I've posted.  It's time I breathed life back into my blog ... so, I'd love to share our Summer home with you.

Come on in to our foyer, where I tried to give it a soft, neutral look for the season!

A few little changes have taken ... like here on our back striped wall, where our church pew once sat.  I moved that on over to another wall and brought back this accent chest.  I still love having the shelves above, and knew that this "family" sign (Kirkland's) would be a nice focal point.  Have you been there lately?  If not, you really should swing by ... I must say that they've upped their game lately with cute farmhouse and coastal decor.

Over on our buffet, a simple styling change, and added DIY book wreath layered over the mirror, take in the Summer afternoon sun.  I also added these "once black" frames that I had on hand above our French chairs (painting them a mixture of white and tan to give them a soft, coastal look).

Across from the buffet is our sitting room that, no surprise, has seen a bit of rearranging, too.  The four seat configuration is taking a break ... buuuut I'm sure it will return. *wink*

For now, a bit of coastal decor was an easy choice for me to add in here, as much as I love the beach.  A simple bowl full of shells and picture of shore birds help make me feel as though the ocean is just steps away ... ah, wishful thinking!

This ocean print (Home Goods) has been hiding away in our master bath, and, while I like it there, it seemed only fitting that I bring it down to this room to be enjoyed more during the warmer months. 

Annnd, over on this side, where our antique secretary once was, our love seat (that used to be in our sunroom) is now taking up residence ... chargers from IKEA and inexpensive white plates (both of which I had on hand) then became "art" above ... gotta love "free" decorating!

Back in our foyer, on our way to the dining room, we'll stroll on by where I recently moved our church bench.  I hope to add two metal baskets filled with greenery in place of the candle sconces soon.  I think a visit to Hobby Lobby is in my future.

Here in our dining room, I mixed in a bit of blue with our predominantly white pieces to add a nice, crisp *Summer-y* feel ...

of course, a few scattered shells were a must to add to this cute tray filled with glass vases (Kirkland's for the win again).

Our mirrored piece was visited recently by my paint brush (trading the gold edging for white) ... pretty sure I've just about run out of pieces to paint!  

Lastly, these cute blue and white striped pillows are from Target ... their "dollar spot" section.  The size is perfect to layer in front of larger pillows, and I love how they tie in with the blue and white china we have scattered around the room!

Well, friends, I'm off to clean the other spaces I want to share next time as my Summer tour continues.  I hope you'll join me.

Thanks so much for visiting ... truly appreciate it!

Have a great day,

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