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I've Been Playing ...

Happy Friday, friends!

Did you get snow this week?  I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of snow we have NOT gotten this year!  We usually have at least one big snowfall, but, alas, Mother Nature seems to have had other plans for us this year.  So, knowing that ... bring on Spring!

I wanted to share what I've been messing around with over the last week ...

Remember the new (to us) pew I wrote about (HERE), well, I was thrilled to have spotted this awesome tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby!  I knew exactly where it would go as soon as I brought it home!

With the black accents I added to the newly added shelves above the pew, I wanted to bring in a bit more of that shade somewhere else in our foyer, so, I brought out these frames I totally forgot I had and mounted them above our French chairs:

I also added a little heart garland to the buffet ... I can't believe how little I did for Valentine's Day this year!  Aside from that seasonal garland, and a little bit more I did here in our sitting room (and great room), I get a big ol' "F!" 

In our kitchen, I finally painted a little bench I scooped up awhile ago and tossed a few pillows onto it:

In our sunroom, I replaced our coffee table with these lower footstools ... brought our clock back in ... and added a bit of gray:

Back in our great room, I was so happy to have finally found an old door to plop in this lonely corner!  I then layered a pretty church print (Kirkland's) over it and styled a little vignette on this accent piece that used to be in our sitting room:

Lastly, on a cold and rainy day, I made this book page wreath, along with a book page heart garland.  I was feeling crafty!

Of course, since I snapped these pics, things have changed ... yet again!  ha!

I hope you'll stop back by soon to see "those" changes!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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