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Our 2016 Christmas Tour, Part Two ...

Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe we're now only FIVE days away from Christmas?!  Yep, my holiday stress is in full swing as I have yet to finish wrapping, much less shopping!  Help!

Before I get "too" crazy, I wanted to share part two of our Christmas tour (if you missed part one (full of traditional holiday colors), and would like to see it, feel free to click HERE)!   

Come on into our dining room ... our "Winter Wonderland."  I decorated this room with lots of silver, white, gold and soft blue accents. 

And, rather than fill this post with lots of words, I'm loading you up with lots of pictures, instead.

Here in our great room, I kept the wintery theme going a bit with more white, gray and silver, but also added a few "natural" pieces, along with little peeks of red.

Oh, how I love the lights as the sun goes down.

If you turn around, you'll see our kitchen, where classic holiday red has returned. 

Anyone care for a fake cookie or two?  They're easy on the hips, I promise!

For a little change, I recently turned our kitchen table to line up with our island ... I think I just might keep it this way for awhile.

Who's ready for a cup of hot cocoa? 

Finally, up here in our bedroom, I think I'd like to just crawl back into bed, when I "should" be getting ready for Sunday!  Is that okay?

Well, friends, thank you so much for visiting our holiday home ... I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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