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2016 Christmas Snippets ...

Happy December, friends!!

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends and are now knee deep into your Christmas decor!

I'm all finished (yay!) and just wanted to share a few snippets of our how our home looks right now ....

Traditional holiday colors greet you when you walk into our foyer and look to the left towards our sitting room ... this cute, little red truck drove all night to park itself right here on our "snow" covered ottoman!

Once you pass by the sitting room and walk towards the left, you're greeted by our "Winter wonderland" dining room ...

Passing through the dining room, you're then greeted by our kitchen, where, of course, I had to add a bit of holiday red and whimsy!

On the other side (but sharing the same open space as our kitchen) is our great room, where white, silver and "burlap-y" colors are dominating as this year's color choice in here!

And, while I love the winter-y colors, I had to add more red in our newly shiplapped sunroom ... just love the red/white contrast in here!

Our bedroom got into the spirit, too ... must be because of the new shelf I just added (and hope doesn't come crashing down)!

I hope you'll stop back by in the coming days as I share more of our holiday home!

Thanks for visiting!

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