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Our 2016 Fall Dining Room

Happy Tuesday!

Well, here we are ... two days away from Thanksgiving.  How can that be(?) ...  weren't we just celebrating the 4th of July?!

Before the holiday comes and goes, I wanted to share our Fall dining room with you, where, this year, muted tones won out over more vibrant Autumn colors.

Mr. Roo came out of hibernation to take center stage on our Fall table.  

I hope he approves that I recently painted the top of the table White Dove ... it was time.  I had been fighting the urge for too long and finally grabbed my paint brush and just did it!

He kept watch over our Fall table, including our "give thanks" bowls, which held faux pumpkins for a bit of seasonal whimsy.

He took his job seriously, even keeping an eye on the corner cabinet, which also got a coat of White Dove. 

Over on our sideboard ... an old window, pumpkins and cotton helped to make it feel like Autumn is in the air!

And since I wanted to add a bit more brass this year, I was happy to scoop up a pair of candlesticks from a local thrift store!

Over on our mirrored accent chest, I kept it pretty simple and added texture by tossing a few wine corks into a wine glass.

Now, while Mr. Roo might think he's the star of the show, I'd have to disagree by saying that our Fall tree is!

I love decorating this tree every year (and, yes, it's an excuse to have a lighted tree added in August)!

I embellish it with cute owls, pinecones and other seasonal ornaments ... but, most of all, I love decorating it with pictures of family.

Admittedly, since we're not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I can tell you that our room looks nothing like this today!  Yes, it has already been transformed into a "Winter wonderland," which I look forward to sharing with you soon!

Well, friends ... I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, blessed with family and friends!

Thanks for visiting,

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